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ashley holt caricature illustration

Ashley Holt is a man with a girl’s name who has worked as a commercial illustrator since 1989, producing artwork for books, periodicals, television, theater productions, apparel, and even skateboards. Though he has tackled a wide variety of editorial subjects, Holt is best known for his work in caricature portraits, having drawn everyone from Knievel to Khrushchev for clients such as Businessweek, The Boston Globe, No Depression, The Progressive, Inside Entertainment, Texaco, and many others. His stylized, keenly- designed portraits are created using a unique combination of traditional and digital techniques. As for his skill with likenesses, Holt says, “I draw ‘em like I see ‘em.”

     Ashley may be best known for his series thirty-one portraits of classic film actors, which aired during Turner Classic Movies’ “Summer Under the Stars” series in August of 2014. His popular set of prints portraying Beat Generation writers is featured in the Beat Museum in San Francisco, and his work appeared in the infamous Illegal Art traveling exhibit beginning in 2003. Holt’s work has also been shown at the Art Lounge, the Mercer Gallery, the Artists’ Guild Gallery, the Showroom, the Warehouse Theater, the Limestone Art Gallery, and the Harvey J. Peeler Gallery.

     Holt's illustrated, autobiographical essay column, The Symptoms, has been running online and in print for over fifteen years. It currently appears on the Substack platform, providing laughs and opportunites for ridicule to today's digital consumers.

     A native of Charleston, SC, Ashley graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1996. He lives in Wuppertal, Germany, with his wife, Heike, and far less closet space than he had in the U.S.

Ashley Holt arbeitet seit 1989 als Illustrator für vielfältige Medien und Genres - von Zeitschriften und Bücher über Fernsehen und Theater bis hin zu Bekleidung und Skateboards. Er ist vor allem für seine Karikaturporträts bekannt, denn er hat sie alle gezeichnet - von Kerouac bis Chruschtschow - für Kunden wie Business Week, The Boston Globe, No Depression, The Progressive, Inside Entertainment, Texaco und viele andere. Seine stilisierten Porträts sind eine eigenwillige Kombination aus traditionellen und digitalen Techniken.

Ashley ist vielleicht am bekanntesten für seine Serie von 31 Porträts klassischer Filmschauspieler, die im August 2014 während des alljährlichen "Summer Under the Stars" bei TCM (Turner Classic Movies) in den USA ausgestrahlt wurden. Seine ebenfalls sehr populäre Serie über Autoren der Beatgeneration war im Beat Museum in San Francisco zu sehen. Weitere Arbeiten wurden 2005 in der berühmt-berüchtigten Wanderausstellung Illegal Art gezeigt. Ashley hatte Ausstellungen in der Art LoungeMercer GalleryArtists' Guild Gallery, Harvey J Peeler Gallery sowie im Showroom und dem Warehouse Theatre.

Ashley stammt aus Charleston, South Carolina, und studierte Illustration am Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD. Er lebt mit seiner Frau in Wuppertal.

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