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Health and Swellness

A Few Beers' Resolution


Illustrations from Ashley's long-running rant column, The Symptoms, currently appearing on the Substack platform.

The Date Valentino

Generation Wrecks

A Hypochondriac's Cure

The Litter of Quitters


Old Vice

King of Stain

The Music is Reversible, but Time is Not

Will Work for Fools

Runneth Over with Cups

Too Cool for Drool

Sugar Lush

Prattle of the Network Stars

My Brother Went to Heaven and All I Got was This Lousy T-Shirt


The Mouth Shall Rise Again

Still Only 25 Cents


Dump Dish

Yer A'Peein'

Physician, Keel Thyself

Midlife Ophiuchus

Home of the Crave

Work Geek

The Movie That Everyone Saw

Howdy Duty

Buzz Stop


Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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